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Here are entrys that I have recieved:

From: Laks
Comment: You have a great page! BTW how did you get that cool text to come on the bottom of the page? it's got your name scrolling along the bottom of my www server.

Comment:Kool guestbook...I like your page! :)

From: Christy L.
Comment: I really liked your page! Your poems are great! unfortunatly i didn't have enough time to read all of the poetry so i added you to my bookmarks :) I don't know what changes you made but hey it's great! well i should go! *HUGS*

From: Crystal
Comment: I love clogging too! I am from Kentucky and have been competiting for about eight years and dancing for ten. Your homepage is neet. Keep up the good work.

From: sweettooth
Comment: l like your page. You did a good job. Keep up the good work and good luck on your mile runs!!! c-ya sometime in Arizona again!

From: cornwallis
Comment: Jayson it's me corn.. cool page!!

From: Archie Simpson
Comment: Hello from MAXOS. Hey, you've got a real cool home page!

From: Jonathan Litzenberger
Homepage: Home of the CHEESEMAN!
Comment: I love your page. Your doing a great job!

From: Adam aka TEDDY EAR
Comment: Nice homepage. Keep up the good work. Talk to you later in ACH! Until then bye!!

From: Pandora
Homepage:Pandora's Palace
Comment: I think your hp is great! I love all the poems you wrote. You are very talented.

From: Denise Ferson (DeNiSe)
Comment: Hi there I like your homepage. you are cute. hugz

From: Sun Shine
Homepage:Sun Shine's Home Page
Comment: Sn@ke I really like your poetry It is amazing!! I hope to chat with you again sometime in the ACH Maybe if i ever get to reconstructing my HP I'll put some of my poetry on it!!!
See ya soon Email me!!
Sun Shine!

From: Monica Cintas
Homepage: N/A
Comment: Pretty Cool Page Ya Got here Jason!!!

From: Kim
Homepage: Creation's Death
Comment: hey mistah. *S* you don't know me..and i honestly don't
know you...but that's okay because i like your page..a lot!
*s* i truly felt your was written beautifully. *s*
i write poetry myself, so, if you would like..come see my page.

From: Gretchen
Comment: pretty good page jason.. please come to
mine and tell me what you think.
bye bye~ Gretchen..

From: Laurie
Homepage:Laurie*s Poetry
Comment: hi! i really like your page, as well as your poems--keep up the good work! =)

From: Leslie
Homepage: N/A
Comment: I truely enjoyed your poems *s* Thanks! I browsed onto your site so I don't know what changes you've made, but what I've seen looks great.

From: genesiss
Homepage: The Sun
Comment: hey, i really liked your poetry. It was very sensual. come to my page. read my poetry, and tell me what ya think. i love yer poetry. ~s~ bye bye: genesiss

From: Leslie B. C.
Homepage: N/A
Comment: Dear Jason,
I've read your poems. I think they are very nice, and you are a very good writer. I'm happy you share them. I don't really have much more to say then that, so I guess I will let you go now. Thanks for sharing your poems. Sincerely, Leslie B. C.

From: Adam D. Bishop
Homepage: N/A
Comment: Jason U have done a great on this Home Page. The wallpaper
that you have choosen is cool. I'm sure that I'll be comming by
here to visit you periodicly. Also the other Homepages that you did are great as well!
Thanx, Talk Later
!!!!! (-: :-)!!!!!

From: Sara Grothe
Homepage: Poems of Nostalgia
Comment: Thank you for you e-mail and comments on my poem. It's the first one.
I'm glad you liked it. I am planning(when time lends me some) to put more into the page.
So-I came to visit your page and read your poems. You have a lot going on in your
head and your heart. I can feel your wanting to help the human race, yet you are wise
enough to understand it also. We all have choice. Keep it up. I'll visit again some
time. By the way, how did you find my page?

Love & Light

From:Ugli Coyote
Homepage: Ugli Coyote's Lair
Comments: Your poetry is quite obviously written from the heart and I look for that. Nice page.
Keep up the good work. Consider joining Primal Drums: The Webring for Creative Men

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