You Seem So Real
by: Jason T. McGuire

You see, so real, only a click
away when I need you, but who is really
on your end of the monitor.
Empty bags of chips surround
me as I say I'm a penthouse
over looking the city on a storming night.

You smell like smoke on an endless night
of parting and I only wish you would click
your heels and return back to your penthouse.
My mom always told me to say who I really
am but I'm always surrounded
by lies.  So I continue to lie, but this time with monitoring.

Would she be proud or wanting to monitor
my every move during the night
She surrounds
me and really knows how to turn me on with just a click
of her touch to bring out the animal I really
am when we're alone in my penthouse.

Oh how we're alive in the penthouse
with only the monitoring
of the camera to show how we really
are in the passions of the night
My life unfolds and surrounds

everything, as the movie blast surround
sound through my ear and back in the penthouse
You can now safely turn off you monitor
as you engulf the world during the night
for one last real look

before the real
world surrounds
you and yournights
turn into days ar your penthouse
goes up in flames without monitoring
for aids. Just one click

and the penthouse
lightens up as the monitor
brings your life back to you with a click.