Baby 16
by: Jason T. McGuire

Endless pain of miseries sister
wrapped gently inside, guilty of going where
they should've never been.
But passion over-rides the feelings
we've been taught to ignore.

Now you lay, spread upon table
waiting for the pain to stop, as they tell you not to push.
But did you really know the passion that you felt
at the simple age of sixteen.

Early morning feeding, calls of wet diapers
add endless signs of sleep depravation.  Yet you carry on
your day while your mother counts the hours until school is out.
Prom canceled because of a slight fever,
and another two hundred dollars go down the drain
as you whisper, "shh, mommy is here."

"mommy is here," but weren't you hearing that
the other day as you fell of your bike?
And how can one know the passion that they feel
at the simple age of sixteen?