Raging Souls
by:  Jason T. McGuire

Raging souls of denial fill this world,
and the news only gets worse
as each day passes away.

We try to carry on in force, but at times
we are overwhelmed and it seems
we have lost the battle for the day.

Blood of our brothers and sisters
cry out from the ground,
yet violence rages on.

With the Bible in one hand
and the Book of Mormon in the other,
we fight Satan's ammunition with the words from God.

And when that is not enough we fall to our knees
and say a prayer for the fallen souls.

When the time is right we will drop our defense
and carry on with the Lord from a time
that has lost the grip of the Iron Rod.

But until that day comes forth we must fight this
timeless battle of good and evil to try and save
as many raging souls as possible.