It was a small walk, maybe a block-in-half,
But when that wino got halfway he hit the ground.
And I'm telling ya, that wino took to coma
like bourbon to coke.
The children laughed, thinking it was funny.
And have you ever noticed,
how a child in the sand is like a shark in mud,
Not that, that really matters much
But have you ever noticed that he said,
"No, No, a thousand times no"
But he continued to feel her breasts,
Sliding his hands to her waist,
and then up her dress,
Where she felt that she must state:
"If I should wake before I die, push the green button
And eject me into the sea where puffy clouds
In your glass of wine are sperm" and the real
Solution was not wine but Hydrochloric Acid;
You see the problem was, therefore
The human brain working overtime
As the wino took to coma like bourbon to coke.

--Jason T. McGuire--