The oars of the boat rowed
As if snot had the power of fire.
And now nothing is the same,
Now that blue has sparkled
Upon autumn nights
Where a spider on a an old manís beards
Is like an elephant counting his toes,
And Alannah poured coffee down her throat
Like it was Acetone on a hot summer day
Where she held her life in her own hands
As if it was time to pull
The extension cord from the wall
Where up is like down
Snowflakes turning to rain
And the dice rolled out of the cup,
Towards Len, like fireflies in heat
And Marlene dangled parson from her question
As if she was feeling herself
On a hot night lonely of a manís power
Where oars of boats are rowed
As if snot had the power of fire
And now nothing is the same.

--Jason T. McGuire--